Review: Soulfire #5

What can I say about about this ...... well it set sets up the story for a reveal next issue, but not much really moves in the story. It sets up more of the magic Malakia possesses and the power of it on a darker level. What I did enjoy was the cut back to 2012 with the little boy. That small story can be a book by itself and could go pretty far. As the story goes it doesn't grab me to want to read further. The story may transfer better into trade paper back format, but as a single issue this one doesn't do much on its own. I did enjoy looking at the art in the book though the drawings are amazing and add a lot of features and depth to the characters. The color are full on vibrant that just sets the scene and mood in the story. The color set is used to place which side of the magic each character is on. I also enjoyed how some of the characters are drawn and the life behind them. The best in my opinion is the dark creatures with no face, just power.


Score: 2/5 (The art saves it)