Review: Space Out #3

I really do have to give Spaced Out some credit for their art work. Ramon Salas has brought together a variety of creatures for us to drool over. But seriously, I love it when artist can make me feel a part of their world. And Salas’ main focus is on the creatures. We don’t get a lot of background images of what the planets look like, the ships, or the even the control centers. I feel this part is up to interpretation. That makes it interesting for the reader to picture all these gadgets. What pops out though are the aliens in every scene. Some I don’t even know which way is up. Plus the colors give the comic such a bright vibe. It will attract any eye. The cover this week is Max. It really is a hilarious cover of him kicking it into high gear. It is always cuter when they are small. It is no surprise that I haven’t enjoyed this comic’s storyline to the best of my ability. Bops, a monkey from Earth, took his ship to a new world. Literally. He is now a part of Tiklopis. Lord Krush is after him. We don’t quite understand why, but Bops is from Earth, so we can assume it has something to do with that or even just curiosity. Krush is one weird dude, and he emits, what I like to think, grape flavored clouds over his enemies. It chokes the victims, and makes me thirsty. Bops hasn’t encounter this villain yet, but he has encounter some cool characters along the way. I doubt that is where it will stop with him meeting so many new things.

SpacedOut3I came in with some new thoughts opening this issue. Sha’a La has turned in the gang. Bops is upset, but she claims there is more to the story than he knows. Just another man or monkey believing in some chick because she bats her eyes. Oh the power we possess! I think these two will work out their differences in the end. Bops seems pretty forgiving since he needs all the help he can get. Like last issue, we finally get some answers about Tiklopis. I don’t think I read the first issue close enough, but Marko is on our side. He is the Governor of this town and wants to free his people. I suspected some backstabbing from issue #1, but since it was so hush-hush, it leads to confusion and clear holes for the reader. Obviously, these have been cleared up.

I wish we could have reversed issues 2 and 3 and then came out with 1. That would have grabbed my attention more with having an understanding the background with Bops, and the intentions of the planet. So this comic has had a rocky start, but now I finally feel like I could get into this story. A lot of stuff is revealed in this issue. Marko was a big surprise for me, and now that the fate of Tiklopis rests on Bops shoulders, mind you he isn’t even from this place, is more than enough reason to see where these dudes take us next.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Brent Sprecher Artist: Ramon Salas Publisher: Blue Water Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/23/14