Review: Space Warped #6

Okay, if you like Star Wars spoofs here you go. This is the final book of the series based on the second half of Return of the Jedi. And I found it quite comical. The story is base as the final battle of End or En Dior in the book. I really don’t need to elaborate any more. I enjoyed this spoof because it was a little different from other.  It was not really futuristic more of a medieval background. Instead of speeders they had ponies and it was a castle not a death star, but best of all was the awesome cannon of awesomeness.  I have to say one of the best parts for me was when Jean Luc Ground walker tells Lady Leica that they are brother and sister and the slap fight that ensues.  Trust me growing up with sisters... this is very true.  The art is very Saturday morning cartoon, but works because well it’s mainly for kids. But adults will love this book too especially if you grew up with Star Wars.  I recommend picking this up well because it’s a good spoof and doesn’t try too hard to be funny.


Score: 4/5