Review: Spaced Out #1

Like any natural awesome human being, I have been into space for quite some time. I can’t say that I understand it all, but who can. Spaced Out was the perfect chance to get a hold of some space all the while following around a chimpanzee and his nutty sidekick. I always love a good dynamic duo in a comic, and this comic does that perfectly. We have Master Bops, the monkey, who doesn't stop. And then his little sidekick, which I don’t exactly know what this guy is, but he goes by Max. All I do know is that Max rocks a mustache with the best of ‘em. So pretty much these two knuckleheads enter Tiklopis. This place is full of alien creatures, but I don’t think they consider themselves aliens. More like Bops and Max are the aliens. These two get through security, and the place goes nuts in order to find these guys. Overlord Krush, what a great name, is the man in charge. Seems like he rules with an iron fist. Gov. Marco, whose sector Bops happens to be in, is in charge of the hunt. He seems apprehensive about following Overlord Krush’s orders. So he may be one to watch throughout the series.

Spaced Out #1-1With all this serious space talk going on you would think this comic is all stern, but actually this comic has lots of fun with space. First off, the art tells you how fun this comic is going to be right away. The colors are bright and draw the reader in. I actually found myself stopping at certain points to absorb each element of space. The characters are all new to me. I love diving into new worlds and seeing the characters that come from the creators mind. That is why I ultimately loved this first issue. I think my favorite character was Max though. He was too cute to pass up. The cops are an interesting group as well.

Space Out has lots of elements happening in their first issue. It felt a tad overwhelming.  I would recommend this fun read to all ages, but more of a read-along with parents for the younger audience. Some things may get over the kids’ heads, but the fun dialogue will keep them interested.

All in all, I liked this comic, but it didn’t stick out in my mind after all my reading this week. Usually that is how I can tell if something is going to stick. For me, it was a miscommunication about the comic that lead to a less than normal understanding of what was actually happening in it. I don’t know if I just needed to pay more attention, but either way, it lacked that wow factor I look for in a first issue. What I did love about the comic was the setting of it. I hope the plot and lingo can join together for a more memorable read the second time around.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Brent Sprecher Artist: Ramon Salas Publisher: Blue Water Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/26/14