Review: Spawn #237

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North Jim Downing’s had a rough go of it. The man can`t even sacrifice himself without problems. Spawn #237 is a short, sweet and simple issue but nonetheless it packs more narrative punch and intrigue into the series than many issues have in recent days.

Starting with some super appropriate verses from the bible talking about evil realizing what it is and sacrificing itself for good, all laid out as our hero plummets off a bridge to his (he hopes) demise this comic sees a Jim Downing that’s had it; all the questions without resolution, all the confusion, and the hurt and loss. It’s easy to see how the guy would want to take his symbiote down and him with it. Alas the time isn’t right, and a mysterious sage former Spawn Cogliostro comes to the rescue, ensuring Jim that he has a purpose and that, with patience, answers will be had.

spawn237_coverMore and more I realize Jim Downing’s run as Spawn is—at least as of now-- about a journey, about realizing what it means to take on the mantle of Spawn and coming to terms with that. No other issue in recent memory has explored that premise as directly or as intimately as this one. Jims run in with ol` Coggy seems to be just what the doctor ordered and after a brief moment of mistrust, the new Spawn goes along with him to take a peek into his destiny.

Ending on a drool inducing panel this issue is a damn solid one from McFarlane and his team. Topping everything off is Syzmon Kudranski’s gorgeous art that has Spawn looking like the badass nightmare I always imagined as a child. Sure, sometimes his facial close-ups are hella wonky but all is forgiven when you see what this guy can do with a cape—fabulous.

Spawn gets juicer and juicer with each passing issue. Jump on board.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Todd McFarlane Artist: Szymon Kudranski Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 11/6/13