Review: Spread #6

Awesome. If you like mutated monsters, if you like all out carnage, if you love action then you will like Spread. I dig the art style, the bright red of the spread against stark white snow. It is sometimes difficult to discern the characters blood from the spread, but that's trivial. Spread-#6One thing that can be said for this comic is action-packed. It's a tag-line that many comics try to use as false advertising. This comic deserves it wholeheartedly. This first arc has pushed forward at great speed. Hopefully the next arc will give more character development for the gang that has been assembled.

I really did enjoy this arc and looked forward to each following issue. The all-out action might run a little dry soon, so hopefully they can slow the pace down a bit. With the new member in the group there should be more discussion and that should allow us to learn more about them.

The final page gives us a very typical horror trope. Something to show that the danger is not over before credits. I totally dug this moment, as I feel it's going to turn into something awesome.

If you love 'The Thing' by John carpenter and any of the 'Mad Max' films, then you will probably love this book.

Score: 3/5 (This issue gets a 3 but the whole arc would get a 4)

Spread #6 Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Kyle Strahm Colorist: Felipe Sobreiro Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 3/18/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital