Review: Spy

Written by guest contributor Cameron Gallagher

Spy is a hilarious movie that truly shows the funnier side of some great actors and actresses such as Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Jude Law, and of course Melissa McCarthy. After seeing Melissa McCarthy’s “Tammy” and “Identity Thief” I had lost all faith in her, especially because she WROTE TAMMY which was the worst of the bunch, Spy proves to me that she is a talented comedic actress, but still a horrible writer.

spy-posterSpy is about a, well spy, played by Jude Law who after an issue, is replaced by Melissa McCarthy, who basically has almost no field experience. Most people will get caught up in Melissa, but I found that Jason Statham and Rose Byrne truly blew me away in this film. They were DROP. DEAD. FUNNY. I mean Statham’s character was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing through whole scenes! Rose Byrne is very vulgar in most scenes, so is the entire movie, but I found that it really worked for the film’s tone.

Beyond it being funny, this actually has an interesting story. It’s no James Bond, but it is fun. This is one of those movies, you see some things coming, but others are really interesting and keep you on your toes. Also, I loved how Spy really doesn’t take itself seriously, even though it gets quite serious. It almost picks fun at Bond style films, while succeeding in being one.

That being said, the film was predictable. It wasn’t anything that ruined the movie by any means, but got a little repetitive in some areas. Also there was a few plot holes that didn’t make much sense, like another female spy, who we thought we would see again, and did for about 2 seconds. It didn’t work, but wasn’t a make or break plot point.

Overall Spy is a hilarious film, that is DEFINITELY worth seeing with a group of family and friends who love comedy. Check it out yourself and tell me what you think!

Score: 3/5

Spy Director/Writer: Paul Feig Studio: 20th Century Fox Runtime: 120 Minutes Release Date: 6/5/15