Review: Star Wars #6

Star Wars #6 CoverSpace, the final frontier… wait wrong book. A time ago in galaxy far, far away… Okay I'll admit I'm a Star Wars geek, but not such an uber fan that it’s my religion. I'm digging this new ongoing series because right now it the only positive thing happening with the universe of Star Wars. I'm also digging it because I don't have to learn a mass of new characters. Leia is seriously injured with the empire on the scout team's tail. Luke shows up in the nick of time to help out against the Empire’s so they can escape. Leia derives a plan to take the fuel cell of her busted X-Wing and lash them to a proton torpedo. With this they will cripple the star destroyers following them. But timing is everything with the fuel cells going off and making the jump to hyper drive in time. Just as the empire appears Leia is struggling for her life luckily the secret scout X-Wings new flight suits have basic lifesaving needs and her R2 unit adjusts the life support system to stabilize her.

The Empire shows up ready to wipe the rebels out with two Star Destroyers and Interceptor Squads. Bircher realizes that the rebels have the jump when they fire all their proton torpedoes and flee the scene. A huge explosion goes off as it cripples the fleet, but with the open comm the Empire knows the coordinates of where the rebels are going.

Wedge and Luke are back with the rebel fleet answering for their action and why Leia is in the Baca Tank healing. There is also a concern of what has happened with Han and Chewie that have gone missing.

This story doesn't have me glued to my seat, but is worth reading. There is enough action to keep it moving and a villain other than Vader that keeps your attention and has some depth. I was hoping for a little more force in these stories, but nothing has come through in that department.  The art is quite enjoyable and highly detailed without going overboard. You can see the determination in Bircher eyes and the pain Leia is suffering. The damage to her ship is what stands out the best for me.

It won't blow your mind, but it does tell a good story you don't have to invest a lot of time to get to know cast and story. It's worth a pick if you haven't picked up a Star Wars comic before. One thing is they have made a character more ruthless than Vader in Bircher

Score 3/5

Writer: Brian Wood

Artist: Carlos D’Anda

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/12/13