Review: Star Wars #9

Review by: Kevin Reilly I can’t stress enough how much I love Brian Wood’s use of Leia as a true action hero in this series. Her story continues here, as she meets another survivor of the attack on Alderaan who has stored away inside of a derelict Star Destroyer. This is a side of Leia we got to see only occasionally throughout the original trilogy, so I’m really glad that Wood’s been able to give us a solo, engaging Leia adventure. It’s a really satisfying chunk of the issue that, along with the X-Men series over at Marvel puts Brian Wood at the forefront of the feminist movement in modern mainstream comics- despite how strange that sounds.

The other stories are just as fun, too. Han and Chewie bring us the excitement we wanted out of a Star Wars story told in the twenty-first century, but never quite got with those movies. Luke and Wedge continue their stealth operation into a Star Destroyer in a really interesting way that doesn’t step on the Death Star infiltration stuff from A New Hope.

Like last month, the book does a brilliant ebb and flow from one storyline to the other. One second, you’re with Leia, having some serious, lore-related revelations. The next, Han and Chewie engage in a very exciting chase through Coruscant, or Luke and Wedge continue their way through the Star Destroyer Devastator. Without giving too much away, the book again proves why this should stand with the best of the Star Wars Expanded Universe fiction.

Star Wars #9 Cover

Score: 5/5

Writer: Brian Wood Artist: Ryan Kelly Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/11/13