Review: Star Wars: Legacy #14

Just a small disclaimer before we start here. I watched a documentary about hecklers/reviewers/critics this past weekend. People in the entertainment industry have no respect for their critics, especially when the critics don’t have any professional experience in the industry. And even more specifically when critics are being intentionally negative. A negative review could potentially start a chain-reaction that does damage to or ends career. I get that, but I strive to be a conversation starter rather than a critic. I never intentionally try to beat any series down. Even if I don’t like it. And if I don’t like it, I give reasons why, and my most used reason is that it just isn’t my cup of tea. Of course, I’ve passionately disliked comics before, but if the creator was hurt after, that wasn’t my intention, and I hope that it was taken as a single opinion. I take my position as a writer very seriously, I even use it sometimes to pick up women. They love writers for some reason. Makes me look smarter, I guess. Especially when I’m not wearing my contacts and I have my hipster glasses on. Anyway, for all of you writers/artists out there who have the best jobs in the world, I salute you, even if I think that your book is garbage. That being said, Star Wars: Legacy #14 isn’t garbage. It’s far from it. And I say that for the entirety of the series. I’ve never read an issue of this book that was below a four star rating. I’ve only reviewed one of them, but I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I give a big thanks to this creative team for making my job really easy.

Now for the good stuff.

This bounty hunter is determined to deliver Ania dead or alive, without the alive part. I wouldn’t want to be up against this mystery lady. That whip is nasty. Plus, who is Ania Solo? Looks like the answer is coming sooner rather than later.

Star Wars Legacy #14 CoverThis series is full of good content. The dialogue is some of the most interesting and poetic in the industry right now. Everything flows so smoothly, that it always seems like such a fast read. I’m glad to say that I always look forward to reading it. None of the New Comic Book Day release excitement has worn off, even though I am reading advance copies. That’s tough to get over. Some of the books that I review have lost their luster. But I’ve devised a plan to keep that from happening. Keep my reviews random. But I probably won’t stop reviewing this one, I like it too much. I mean, glass rain? Who came up with that one? Crazy.

Now, I just want to point out that I’m trying really hard to stay positive, even though the Blue Jackets lost tonight in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That was a freaking heartbreaker, man. But by the time that you read this review, it will be Game 4. With a better outcome, I hope.

And you really can’t say anything negative about the art in this book. I’m not going to say that the art gets better throughout the series, or any crap like that, but man is it good. It always is. Consistently. Gritty, colorful, and focused. A perfect fit for the book overall. Bravo.

I’m not going to keep you anymore. Read this one on New Comic Book Day.

Writer: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman Artist: Gabriel Hardman Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 4/23/14