Review: Suckers #0

Some of us hate the sissification of vampires lately. Where’s the blood, where’s the allure, and what about just the monster of what a vampire is. This story deals with what fellow vampires think of said sissification. It’s entertaining, but written for the masses. John and Chad want to bring fear back to the vampire name after what Moonshade has brought to it. John being the stereotypical vampire has a long pointy nose and ears, fang teeth and gothic clothes (very Nosferatu). Chad on the other hand is a total frat boy tool. Moonshade is the embodiment of the Twilight series and with his movie painted a different image of vampires, giving them emotion and having them wanting to love. This makes John sick and he keeps destroying TVs because of it. After a game of blood pong they are fresh out of bodies and go out into the night looking for their next victims at a club. Moonshade happens to be filming the next chapter of his franchise at the club. John and Chad see an opportunity to take out Moonshade and bring the fear of vampires back.

Moonshade kicks the crap out of them multiple times and warns them not to mess up this good thing happening. Through this whole sequence all the girls just think John and Chad are the villains for the next movie.  John and Chad enlist in some help to take down Moonshade.

suckers_0Well I say this is entertaining in the way of it holds your attention, but that’s about it. It feels like it’s written for the masses to get your attention and if you’re a total bro or chad. These stories are good late at night or sat afternoon to waste time. It’s simple with no meat to the story, but entertaining as it plays a lot off of pop culture.

The art shines because of the cartoony animated feel. The black and white gives it a classic horror story feel with the modern art.  The art blends classic vampire looks with the newer vampire designs.

This issue just sets up what’s to come with the series, but doesn’t exactly leave you needing more. It’s a mindless read and at the end you’re left where you started.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artist: Ian McGinty

Publisher: Zenescope

Price: $.99 (Digital Only)

Release Date: 8/21/13