Review: Superwoman #1

I was initially worried this title would be driven entirely by Clark Kent's influence. Thankfully, while the focus rests on how two women are inspired by the newly deceased Kent, they continually support each other. Lana Lang states at one point that she and Lois Lane don't like each other. And that may be true, but the pair finds themselves breathing rarified air due to some very unique circumstances. As a result, their connection shapes them into a team. The developing partnership between Lana and Lois is the real highlight of this issue. One criticism I would level against the writing, however, there isn't much obvious antipathy between our leads despite Lana‘s assertion. They throw friendly barbs at one another. And Lana expresses anger at Lois for outing Clark's identity. Other than SWM_Cv1_dsthat, however, the pair appears to be very caring and functional. I’m not complaining that these two women get along well; I just wish the writing supported the relationship even more. The art is largely excellent. Phil Jimenez, being the writer and illustrator, clearly has a good handle on his characters. He’s a good storyteller, using intimate close-ups with as much skill as his grand wide shots. Though there is a running gag of Lana needing makeup for some reason that isn‘t communicated especially well. Is it the freckles? If there's something I'm supposed to notice about Lana's face it's lost on me.

Lex Luthor is kind of a pathetic antagonist here. And the primary villains are constantly obscured to maintain some level of mystery. The real threats hanging over Superwoman are inexperience and self-doubt. Lana understands how Lois should use her powers. Lois is an adventurer at heart, eager to throw herself into danger for the sake of... something. Narrative convenience I guess. Speaking of -- I understand that anxiety manifests in a variety of ways, but Lana's seems to be governed by dramatic convenience. I'm hoping Phil Jimenez handles this very real subject with a delicate touch or, at least, with some degree of authenticity.

Superwoman #1 is a very well put together opening that ends with a question you’ll want to see answered sooner rather than later.

[su_box title="Score: 4/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Superwoman #1 Writer: Phil Jimenez Artist: Phil Jimenez Colorist: Jeromy Cox Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital