Review: T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #4

I have tried many times with this series, but have failed to keep my interest up with the series. The fact that the story is just so poorly put together is the first real reason I can’t hold on to the series anymore. Thunder Agents finishes their first story arc with issue four coming out. Don’t think for a second that this issue will bring everything together and deliver on every need. It is the opposite. The only thing I liked so far about the series involved Kat Kane having flashbacks of herself and her sister. It was a neat little backstory that adding some emotional elements for the comic. Iron Maiden needed more than just a name in order to be thought of as this all-powerful being, and this was the chance that the comic gave her. Well we don’t get any of that in this issue. The ending just leaves. Ya know when they may cancel a TV show and just end the show with no real hook for another season, because it will most likely cancel; this is exactly what happened in Thunder Agents this week. I was disappointed and can’t really get excited for another story arc. Dynamo and the rest of the agents are still trying to escape the hands of Iron Maiden. Suddenly, a subterranean humanoid gang comes from nowhere. They try to unveil this huge robot soldier, which was a surprise, but I felt like it deserved some recognition. I wanted to get excited for the battle, hoping the comic was picking up some. Then before the battle begins it is over. Dynamo takes the robot out with ease.

ThunderAgents-04-pr_Page_1We jump to Kane who has been in hot water for some time now. And the issue again is easily resolved. No flashbacks, no nothing about her past at all. The gang quickly and quietly head back to the home base, and that is the end.

The plot just has some holds that can be filled with 1) either good action or 2) more dialogue to explain how these characters came to be. I don’t even understand one big thing that happens at the end. I really shouldn’t be getting confused about a simple comic. The humanoids were a bit surprising too. Like where did these dudes come from, and why did we spend like three seconds explaining the huge villain of the first story arc?

IDW went on a limb bringing back yet another old comic series. I don’t know who is getting into this comic, but if you are please explain why. No seriously, I want my mind to expand in order to understand these agents better. The first Thunder Agents seemed to break ground, but why bring back an influential comic with a mediocre comeback.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Phil Hester Artist: Andrea Di Vito Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/27/13