Review: Teen Dog #3

It is no surprise that I would probably get a rad tattoo of Teen Dog on my ass if my cats would let me. This comic makes me fall in love with fun again and again. Teen Dog is the hit of the year for me, and I hope that you can jump on board and if you don’t have cats, get a tat of this dog. TeenDog03_coverASo let’s dive in. Teen Dog starts at the local football game. He and Mariella are cheering on their friends. More like Mariella is admiring her friends, while Teen Dog is admiring his food. Can’t say I blame the dude because who doesn’t love some stadium food mixed with the crisp air of fall? Well before Teen Dog can devour anything, Sara asks him to take over as the mascot for the game. He jumps at the chance but soon realizes that their mascot is a wildcat! I love these small clever devices that Jake Lawrence puts into this story. I have noticed that I read this comic with a smile through and through. I probably look like the biggest dork, but have come to realize that I will look like that no matter what. I mind as well be enjoying Lawrence’s story during the stares.

The whole issue actually revolves around sports. First football and then basketball then skating and then chess. The gang must defeat a team of “glorified toasters” in the basketball game. It is insanely cute, but nothing compared to what comes next. After some skateboarding and then some roller derby, Teen Dog must face Maya. It is time these two enemies face each other once and for all. Mariella and Sara are so curious about Teen Dog and Maya’s feud, which he finally gives in and tells the story. We flashback to Teen Puppy, so freaking adorable, and Maya. The truth is revealed what happen between these once friends and it is nothing short of epically sad. So anyway, they must now face off in a chess match with Mariella, Sara, and Thug Pug all looking on. The stakes are high but the bond between these once friends is greater!

Mixed with all this chaos of Teen Dog and his rivals is a true story though. Although some issues have hit upon some meaningful moments, I would say that issue #3 takes the cake. You won’t find out until the end, but it is so worth it. I just love this story and think Lawrence has created something awesome. You really need to jump on this mini-series and not look back. You will first love the fun art and bright colors. Secondly the jokes are insanely simple and dry but make you laugh out loud. And thirdly, you will see how cute each background theme is. It will remind anyone of the good times when they were a kid. Teen Dog will become your number one comic, and may even inspire some lazy chillin’ days for you.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Jake Lawrence Publisher: BOOM!/BOOM Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/12/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital