Review: Teen Dog #6

Right away we see Teen Dog serving Thug Pug at some fast food joint, so man I knew this issue was going to be good. The weekend is coming up, and Mariella and Teen Dog need to make epic plans... there’s is just one problem; they don’t have any money. So for an issue, the two decide to get jobs. Obviously what I love about this concept is seeing Teen Dog work. I didn’t think he even knew that word existed. Mariella, on the other hand, seems like a worker. Although she goofs around a lot with Teen Dog, she knows how to get serious... especially when it comes to punk rock. Teen-Dog-#6-2-11-15I can’t help but love the writing in this comic. It is hard to describe but it is laugh out loud funny. It makes you want to be Teen Dog and just have his relaxed attitude on the world. My favorite part of this issue was all the dog jokes. We have seen a few cat funnies, but when Teen Dog decides to take a paper route as his job, the whole story just becomes ironic. Thug Pug gets enraged at Teen Dog and it all leads to a fantastic chance of paperboy (who is actually a dog) vs. dog. Jake Lawrence has a way of asking really big questions, like why we are all in this universe and bringing them to a playful banter between friends. The jokes haven’t stopped, and with two more issues to go, they better not!

I always say that I love when a writer does his own art as well. I don’t know if Teen Dog would be as cool is Lawrence didn’t draw it. Let’s all be real and just say that Teen Dog is freakin’ cute. Being a big cat lover, it is hard to come across a dog that catches your eye, but this K9 has done it! But what really stands out about the art is the psychedelic feeling the art gives you. Everything is very punk. From the characters and their outfits to even the clouds in the background. You really enter a new world. And you really need to give credit to the color palate. I feel like the palate came from an ice cream truck. He uses such bright and brilliant colors to really bring the storytelling alive. It all fits together.

I never thought going back to high school would be any fun, but Jake Lawrence has opened my mind to the fact that if I was in Teen Dog’s high school, it would have been worth it and very pizzalicious (which my computer did not spell check btw, so it must be a thing). Lawrence makes every moment of this issue more than fun.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Jake Lawrence Publisher: BOOM!/Boom Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/11/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital