Review: Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #1

Let us return to the time of 1985. It was a time when guys wore skinny ties, women wore enough hair spray to tear a hole in the ozone layer, and both danced it up at clubs called Tech Noir. It was also a time when the world was introduced to a T-800 Terminator, the most powerful and destructive killing machine that the world had ever seen at the time.  Thus began the ongoing saga of The Terminator that is still kicking strong some 29 years later. Enemy of my Enemy is a mini that is being released that doesn’t change anything in the Terminator continuum, but it adds an additional element to the tapestry. It just happens to take place in 1985, about the same time that the first Terminator movie was wrapping up.

In a totally different locale (The east coast), we are introduced to a former CIA agent and current bounty hunter named Farrow Greene. The story wastes no time in demonstrating that Greene is hardcore in her work (and ripped up in her physique). She obviously can handle trouble. Greene is given a job to hunt down a diminutive and mousy doctor named Elise Fong. She is told that capturing Fong will go a long way in helping her “reach her goal”. What goal, we have no clue. But, Greene takes the case and finds Fong rather quickly. Unfortunately, there is another hulking hunter out to get Dr. Fong as well, and it doesn’t look like bringing her in is part of his agenda. Action ensues and Greene shows that she can take care of things, but a Terminator is a Terminator and with her first encounter, she has questions. Also, Dr. Fong gets away.

Terminator - Enemy of My Enemy #1 CoverI came into this issue with a poor attitude, wondering how to take some of the 1980s era story and rehash it into a new territory.  But I must say a good job has been done here.  Dan Jolley paces this tale at a strong speed from the get go and he covers a whole lot of area in a small amount of time. Even with that fast pace, the story never feels rushed and fits extremely well to the action that is presented.

Dialogue by Jolley and matching art by Jamal Igle on the pencils and Ray Snyder on the inks respectively help to convey a strong story and establish a new badass lady in the Terminator world. I gotta say that I was very impressed with the characterization of Farrow Greene, and within this issue, she proved that she is quite a worthy adversary to the T-800. Things are looking like we are in for an interesting tale with lots of questions generated within this opener that will keep you reading more. This is a great initial go.

In the past the Terminator brand has had some missteps both in movie form and comic. Dark Horse has put a recommitment to the franchise however and they are bringing it. With the Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle story (See Review) and now this one, I have renewed and continued high hopes in this extremely good iconic storyline continuing in a positive direction.

Score: 4/5

Writer:  Dan Jolley Artist: Jamal Ingle Inker: Ray Snyder Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/19/14