Review: Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #3

When I first started reviewing Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy, I had done it with very low expectations. I figured that it was a loosely related companion piece to the Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle mini that has been going on and impressing me. But what I actually found is that Dan Jolley and Jamal Ingle have created a very good stand alone story that needs not bow down to no one. It has been really good and brings a return of the T-800 from the very first movie. Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy likewise has introduced one of the more impressive female characters that I have seen in some time in Ms. Farrow Greene. The lady doesn't play and the old T-800 bears many a wound as a testament to Ms. Greene's talents. She is a formidable foe to be sure, as is he. But unfortunately for the both of them, there is another well manned and well armed group that has taken advantage of the T-800 and Greene's epic battle. As they have fought, this group has swiped away the objective and have taken Dr. Elisa Fong for themselves with no desire to relinquish her. Something will have to be done if Dr. Fong is to fulfill the mission of either Greene or the Terminator. These two might actually need one another, at least for a little while, until Dr, Fong can be wrestled away. Terminator EofmyE #3 CoverSo begins Issue #3. And like the previous 2 installments, we are given action, drama, snappy dialog, and damn fun reading entertainment. The title is made known to the reader of this issue andcwe discover that Greene and the Terminator will need to combine their strengths, if either of them is to succeed in meeting their objective. The temporary truce has been established. Now the real games are to begin.

Everything with this title continues to click. Jolley's dialogues are quick, the action is fast, and Jamal Ingle's art is awesome as he portrays our old metalhead perfectly and Ms. Greene even more so. Even Ray Snyder's work is smooth adding a finishing polish to a well done comic.

My only real regret here is that this is a mini. I think Farrow Greene is character that I would like to see some more of beyond this series. She brings it and it would be nice to see her in action elsewhere. Until then though, it has been nice seeing her within these pages. Looking forward to more as this mini begins its wind down.

Score: 5/5

Writer:  Dan Jolley Artists: Jamal Ingle Inker: Ray Snyder Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/30/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital