Review: Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy #4

OK, here’s the deal…It’s the early 1980s, about the time of the original Terminator movie.  There is a mousy scientist named Elisa Fong that has become very popular all of a sudden.  Someone has paid ex CIA operative and all around bad ass Farrow Greene to save her and keep her safe.  In the near future, Skynet has sent a T-800 back in time with the mission to terminate her.  And some of Ms. Greene’s ex cohorts in the government have likewise taken a keen interest in Fong.  While Greene and the T-800 are battling each other to a standstill, the G-Men were able to utilize their superior numbers to abduct Ms. Fong for themselves.  With no Fong, Greene and the T-800 at Greene’s urging, decide to temporarily partner up to try to rescue Fong from the government baddies. Issue #4 displays in full on bloody color what Greene and the T-800 can do once partnered up. The short answer is that they can do a lot, quite a lot.  These are two warrior elites and watching them “invade” a government installation is about as exciting a read as could be imagined.  It is pretty damned destructive, bloody, and hella good.

Now, I have already been enjoying the hell out of this title pulled from the writing talents of Dan Jolley and the artistic chops of Jamal Ingle.  But with issue four, a new ground is established that actually ups the already extremely action packed ante.  This is one sweet tale.

24923 copy 2Part of the appeal of the issue is not only the action which is white knuckle, but also with the interactions between Greene and the T-800.  Greene is all hard core as is the Terminator. But watching the two speak frankly regarding each other is quite an interesting study of warrior styles.  It makes for some super good reading though and through that works almost like a roller coaster as the moments are intertwined with the action.

Ingle’s artwork has been super and he has not missed a beat.  Just from just the art alone, Ingle has made the character of Farrow Greene one that I would like to see much more of in the future.  She is awesome and drawn to muscular perfection.  The action sequences likewise are captured with gusto allowing the reader to be dazzled both on the written word and the visuals.

I know that Terminator Enemy of my Enemy is just a mini, but it is a damn good one.  Reading it in tandem with Terminator Salvation:  The Final Battle will allow you to know that the Terminator franchise may be nearly thirty years old, but it is as good as ever and in good hands with Dark Horse Comics.

Score: 5/5

Writer:  Dan Jolley Artist: Jamal Ingle Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 7/9/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital