Review: Terminator Robocop: Kill Human #2

Alright so this is my first review for Comic Bastards and I've decided to brave this series, because after reading Kevin's review which can be found here, I figured he wouldn't continue. I will admit that I have not seen any Robocop movie (egad!) but I know the story and have had the first movie sitting on my shelf for a while now. On the other hand I love Terminator so seeing this I thought that maybe it could be passable. NO! No this comic sucked! I would rather have eaten glass and listened to Vogon poetry instead! So with the story. Robocop has gone back in time and appears with a loud "FZZZZZZZ" and a large ball of light just as a man was about to be shot. This arrival kills the guy with the gun, with Robo giving a statement for the potential victim to re-evaluate his life or something deep and philosophical like that.

You know that scene in Terminator: Judgement Day where Arnie is using the mini-gun on all those police officers? Well it is at that moment that Robo shows up. The comic also decides to show us flashbacks of almost half of what happened in the previous issue, whilst trying to show us the current events. Robo becomes some whiney little teenager and I just wanted him to get shot. I did not want him to be the protagonist. Robo approaches Arnie and they have such a boring fight and then with some gun Robo blows up Arnie. Sarah and John Connor then run at Robo basically going "WTF?!?!" and then the next part really ticked me off!
dynamite-entertainment-terminator-robocop-kill-human-issue-2I know nothing of the writer Rob Williams so I can't compare this work to any of his previous. Although I can say if this is his standard, why the heck is he in the comic industry!? He comes across as just being a fanboy of the two franchises and that he couldn't believe he was actually writing this project.
P.J Holden did the artwork. Again I know nothing of his previous work but man does he suck! Every single bit of art in this comic is disgusting I wanted to squirt lemons into my eyes. Robocop was pouting or standing awkwardly. The depiction of Arnie is ugly! His face is slanted or bulging, I can't exactly tell because I am just so repulsed I don't know what is wrong with it.

Then we get told that the events of Terminator: Judgement Day are going to play out a little differently. No shit! We can already figure that out for ourselves because now frikken Robocop is in the story! Thanks for pointing out the obvious because we're all stupid and would never have noticed.

Dynamite! Stop it! You are a bad boy! Stop it, stop it now! Leave Robocop alone unless you can get a good writer.

I don't care if you are a fan of Dynamite or Robocop or the Terminator. Just do not buy this series because if you do I shall laugh at you and your misfortune! I will not continue to collect this series, not even to review. In fact I am contemplating on burning them or putting the two issues I have through the shredder. Please, please do not buy this series. I am not joking!

Score: 1/5
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment