Review: Terrible Lizard #2

Written by guest contributor Allen Wiggs

Wrex (our friendly T-Rex) fights a giant mutant ape. That's pretty much the comic. You have two monsters fighting, and the fight is well done, fun, is two giant monsters fighting! What else do you need in your life? The second half of the comic is adults overreacting and not understanding things followed by a fun montage of Jesse and Wrex bonding and having fun.

So in addition to giant monster fights, this book still allows for Jesse to be smart, quipy, and keep the reader invested. Without her I think the entire comic would just fly by too fast. It is already a quick little read, but it could be detrimentally so. The military guy who is kill crazy is a bit overboard, he has went from being funny mini antagonist to annoying mini antagonist. And the entirely frequent adults just don't understand thing is okay, I know this is an all ages book, so it is forgivable.

Terrible-Lizard-#2-1The book is still good. This issue is just a giant fight and a cool montage of friendliness. And the art is wonderful with both of them. I can't compliment it enough, the art is the lead of this issue since it is action based completely and fully.

There isn't a lot of “depth” in this issue. But Jesse still develops as a character and seems more well rounded then in the first issue. Originally she was just smart kid who was lonely. Now through the power of friendship, she is showing off more of her character. Even though most of it involved her narrating and leaping out of the way of monster battle debris, she is still an involved character. How the creative team did this is impressive and it needs to be learned by other action based stories (like super hero books).

As a whole, this issue was just a fun filled action fest. We have a well done fight with two giant monsters, and character development. What more do you need from a comic featuring a girl and her dinosaur?

Score: 4/5

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Drew Moss Publisher: Oni Press Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/17/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital