Review: Terrible Lizard #5

Written by guest contributor Allen Wiggs

In this corner we have Wrex, a time displaced dinosaur and reigning champion of monster fights. In the green corner we have a giant crab like insect monster that shoots out human sized green cyclops with crab legs. Let the battle begin!

So it has been a while since this book got reviewed, but we are back for the exciting conclusion. As I said, we have Wrex vs another giant monster along with random minion monsters. In addition to that, our hero Jessica is in the middle of it cheering Wrex along and helping guide him along. The giant boss battle is awesome like usual. Wrex eventually conquers his foe.

Sadly all monsters movies must end with the big guys being dealt with for good... until the eventual sequel. Jess' father shows up alongside the military with a giant gun of science. Before he can shoot Wrex, Jess has to protect her dinosaur one last time.

Terrible-Lizard-#5-(1)I have been a little critical of the whole "parents just don't understand" aspect of the plot where Jess and Wrex are not direct threats, but Jess' father and the military just don't listen at all because they are adults. But, the pay off here is worth it. Jess isn't oblivious to the mass destruction the monsters appearing thanks to the anomaly that brought Wrex over. Yes Wrex has been saving the day, but his existance brings more danger which sadly can't be stopped. Unable to see any answer otherwise, Jess is mature in her decision and knows she is in a no win scenario. If they stay , Wrex gets killed. If they run, eventually Wrex will still get killed, and more monsters may show up. In a giant emotional moment the two say good bye. Wrex is then shot, in a moment of horror, pain, and pure gut punching.

This is a kid's comic. Or an all-ages comic, so it is aimed at kids as well. They appear to straight up kill Wrex here. The following pages continue this idea. Jess is closed off from those around her. Her father tries to talk to her, but she won't have it. This is a realistic approach to what would happen with these characters and events. But it is still comics, and since Wrex left behind no body, he is obviously still alive. The good doctor shot him back in time back to his home. Jess realizes this after some snooping, and even though she is still crying, this time the tears are of joy and happiness. We could potentially get a sequel!

This was a solid issue. We got a big monster fight, and the emotional pay off here puts it over the top. You will get my number review for this issue below, but I have to say this entire story has been fun. There have been inventive monsters, giant battles, and an emotional weight that was built up to and paid off well. Terrible Lizard is a great all-ages book and would recommend it to anyone who like dinosaurs, monsters, battles, smart young female leading characters, or just fun in their comics.

Score: 4/5

Terrible Lizard #5 Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Drew Moss Publisher: Oni Press Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/18/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital