Review: Tether #2

It has been several months since I last found myself dropped into writer Chuck Almadori’s little hybrid opus mix of past and present dressed up in a pretty package of visually stunning art and spiraling political and social commentary in a dystopian futuristic Roman Empire inspired state of slaves and free, have and have nots, heroic heroes and evil scumbags. Issue #1 was quite good and I gave it high marks as it catches your attention and entertains throughout. We have now entered into Issue #2 and things are beginning to progress forward into this sword and laser epic that it is working to become.  Writer Almadori is busy here filling in a whole lot of story into a standard 24 page format. There is a lot happening through these pages that are seemingly unrelated, but feel like chess pieces being moved across the board aimed at reaching an end game once all is said and done.

Tether---Issue-2-2-5-15The female gladiators from the first issue, Alina and Verlang are back in action, doing battle with a nasty little mutant psycho cat called The Maera.  They also continue to be placed at the mercy of the devious Dr. Murrell who seemingly, has some plans for Ms. Alina that maybe even against the wishes of the decadent Emperor Trovaar and his other flunkies.  Also at play in this issue is the story of Zarran, a slave who is working deep in the bowels of Tether Mountain in a mine, but who longs to be free.  In this issue, he has a break with freedom for a brief period, before things don’t work out.  He eventually is taught a lesson in the dangers of insubordination.  Finally, we are given a peak at the assembling of a legion being prepped to enter into the wastelands with a mission given out by the Emperor.  All things lead to a solid transitional issue that is setting things in motion.

Transition is a good description for this issue as a lot of behind the scenes action occurred within the title in regard to the art.  Edson Alves will be taking over the artistic duties beginning on Issue #3. But he was not quite yet on board for #2.  Aptly filling in has been the talented Ruvel Abril taking a moment off of his work on Pale Dark to lend a hand along with Marcelo Salaza.  Both artists do a solid job in their depictions blending in a healthy dose of seductive allure and straining violence. They do a good job in following Almadori’s lead in making the panels flow and in putting all of the busy elements making this 24 page tale feel longer, but not feeling overstuffed.

All in all, Issue #2 of Tether is well organized, well presented, and worthy of a read and a look. It may be working some transition this time around, but all indicators lead to this being a very good comic.  There are some big things at work within this title that promises to be quite entertaining and even inspiring once all is completed.  It is well worth the investment and a good primer for witnessing the ascent of an up and coming comic creator with vast potential and talent.  Give it a try.  You will not be disappointed.

Score: 3/5

Writer:  Chuck Almadori Artists: Ruvel Abril, Marcelo Salaza Colorist: Nimesh Morarji Publisher: Isle Squared Price: $1.99 Release: 2/4/15 Format: Mini-Series Print/Digital