Review: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Omnibus TPB

Review by: Connor Russell I know this isn't the first internet web comic that Dark Horse has collected and I hope it isn't the last. Web comics are amazing but I find two main problems when I want to read them. 1: There are too many to sift through to find the ones worth reading. 2: Takes too long to read much of a story I end up deciding to practice a short attention span and drifting away. Well that isn't the problem with this hardcover, over 400 pages of crazy ninja (who is also a doctor) unicorn possessed motorcycle riding blowing up crazy stuff and fighting dinosaurs things going on. There is a lot going on but I have to cut myself short otherwise this paragraph will never end.

Adventures of Dr. McNinja TPB CoverSo as for the story, what I described above is some of what happens in this collection. There are many stories that go on (usually between 20-90 page stories). Some including facing against the nefarious Donald McBonald (yes a blatant jab at the famous one) and gaining a twelve-year-old Mexican sidekick who can grow an amazing mustache at will because he wants to be a “man”. Generally Dr McNinja wants to try to be a hero, but also cure children of a disease that turns them into giant crazy lumberjacks. If I haven't said so before, Dr McNinja is a LOT of crazy with some humor to boot.

Christopher Hastings is the creator behind this bucket of parties that is Dr McNinja. He writes draws and inks. I will admit that right at the beginning (like all web comics I have read) the art is quite amateur but like all, the art progresses and evolves and improves. Starting off just black outlines and shading on a blank white background, color became involved and line work was polished.

It’s a little harder to review and compare something like this to the traditional comic; you can see it was a hobby that escalated into a project of passion. Its beginnings were very low but the bar was raised, so as a whole experience I will recommend Dr McNinja; especially to people who like crazy and weird quirky randomness. Because that’s what this comic is, don't try to understand it. Just don't.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Christopher Hastings

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $24.99

Release Date: 7/17/13