Review: The Big Con Job #4

If you read my previous reviews for issues 1, 2 and 3 you'll know that I really like this mini-series, but have been worried about the way the story has been unfolding. It seems I was right to worry because the funniest thing about the story, the heist, was not shown. I guess because they explained all of what would happen so it would just be a rehash. I think there was a lost opportunity for some comedy, maybe weaving the heist into the panel/talk that Hendrix was giving. On top of that we have the so obvious it almost hurts double-cross. It couldn't have been telegraphed any harder without flat-out saying it at the beginning. There was nothing surprising in the way it gets revealed or any nuance to it. It is your bargain bin double-cross.

The-Big-Con-Job-#4-1And finally the Deus Ex Machina (the plot device not the computer game), that helps wrap this mini-series up is such a downer. There's no craftiness, or out-witting that happens, it's just deus ex machina. I'm so frustrated by this, especially because it leaves the story in a way that a second series would be ridiculous.

I had such high hopes for this mini-series. I was hoping there would be more insight into comic conventions than just jaded old-timers whining. I was hoping for intelligent back-stabbing and double-crossing. I was hoping for dramatic events that would fuel cliffhangers. I'll admit that all these hopes were before I learned it was only going to be four issues long, I scaled back quickly after that.

So that's the bad, onto the good. Even though the story was lackluster, the artwork is amazing. I might think about getting the trade, but if anyone picks it up I'll tell them just to look at the pictures and not read the story. The colors and style are great, I love the way the crowds are drawn in this book. When I first saw the promos for this comic it was the style that grabbed my attention.

Unfortunately the artwork is not enough to save this book from going out with a whimper. Maybe had the run been longer there could have been more exploration into the characters and events. As it is it feels like a poorly edited movie, focusing too much on some scenes and not enough on others.

Score: 2/5

The Big Con Job #4 Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti and Matt Brady Artist: Dominike “Domo” Stanton Colorist: Paul Little Publisher: BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/10/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital