Review: The Colonized #2

I hear enough people a day complaining about change, the government hiding secrets, and rednecks trying to blow shit up it is ridiculous. I don’t need this from a comic too. The Colonized is a comic about how aliens come down from space and simultaneously zombies are flooding this small town.

Hux is trying to live up to his father’s reign of being major. Randy Roy has taken the role of town idiot in this comic. He hates Hux and thinks his plan of making their small town have no carbon footprint is stupid. It is hard to get past Randy Roy and his gang of morons to enjoy this comic. Randy Roy somehow manages to blame every situation on Hux. Now he thinks Hux is in cahoots with the aliens. Hux defended the aliens when Randy Roy blamed them for the dead rising. As it so happens the aliens did raise the dead on accident. They simply wanted to examine a human before entering into earth.

Randy Roy has gone on his own now trying to shotgun all the zombies and aliens to hell. No one seems to be going ape shit which is exactly what I would be doing if zombies and aliens were in my town all in one night. Everyone is acting so calm and chooses to fight over whether the government is hiding secrets from us. WHO THE FUCK CARES? At this point I would be packing my bags and getting the hell out of town or at least googling how to survive an alien and zombie attack.

The aliens seem very suspicious when asked detailed questions of why they are coming to earth in the first place. Hux doesn’t seem too concerned though. He would rather hide the aliens and clear this whole mess up before the government gets involved. Little does Hux know that he is being watched by some government dude who decides to hide out under Hux’s barn till he can contact his authorities in order to prove his abilit3wies.

Randy Roy has gone off and done his own thing. He chooses to hunt down all the zombie animals. He also has plans to kill off the aliens and clear this whole problem with a couple of 10 gauges. That there dude is nuts.

I just don’t’ know where this comic is headed. I am confused on the concept they are trying to portray. Are they telling us that if we would just all worry about the environment we could avoid aliens crashing on our planet and bringing up aliens? I don’t know. I do enjoy the art in this series. It is very old school and totally reminds me of Tales from the Crypt. Honestly it is about the only thing I do enjoy about this series so far. I don’t want to be quick to judge a series, so I may give a few more goes at this comic.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Chris Ryall

Artist: Drew Moss

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 5/1/13