Review: The Colonized #3

Okay I am telling myself this before I even look at this comic, but this is my last chance at Colonized or else. Or else I will take it out back, tie it up with rope, and dump it out in the creek behind my place. Here we go. I really do think this comic is one of the reason people who loved zombies back in the day hate zombies now. It is just overdone in too many wrong ways. About the first four pages include Hux narrating about Carbon Falls, his town in which he turned to be more environmental friendly. During this, it shows the town being destroyed by human and animal zombies. I have to give it to Drew Moss though. His art is pretty cool in this book. It is graphic but shows true action. The art is ridged and still shows good emotion. Also, all those southerners are exactly what my town looks like so these boys know their stuff; beards and ammo.

Colonized_03-pr-1Last issue left us with the Agent Dawson making a discovery under Hux’s barn. We learn now that the discovery is Hux’s dad, Rennie. Hux and the whole town were at Rennie’s funeral when this whole comic started. Hux is still narrating and tells us that he didn’t bury his dad and not even his wife knows about it. Hux and his alien team are digging up his dad’s grave in order for Hux to show them that his father is somewhere else and that he buried much-needed guns in his father’s place. Sometimes when I reread my reviews I laugh at how ridiculous these comics must sound, especially the ones I am not keen about. Anyway, Hux doesn’t tell his friends why he buried his dad under his barn and why his dad is the key to saving them all. That is a great plan; let us just not tell the one thing that could save your town right away. Instead we will hide it for a further issue. I don’t get it.

Randy Roy is spotted by Agent Dawson running away from zombies. Dawson follows him to a barn where Roy has huge explosives that he plans to put on a train and run right into town to kill the zombies. Great idea right. Also, where is he getting this train and I didn’t know conducting a train was common knowledge.

So my decision is that I will take this comic out back and tie that cinder block on this comic and toss it overboard. It just doesn’t have a good story. The plot is everywhere and although the art is cool and there are some suspicions I have on the plot, I could spend my time doing something else.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Chris Ryall

Artist: Drew Moss

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/5/13