Review: The Dream Merchant #5

You might as well pick this issue up for the art. Anthony Hope-Smith brings all the nightmares to life in issue #5. Just looking at the artwork gives the reader this intense feeling. The Gatekeepers have made the nightmares of all, young and old, come to life. Of course it is the children that have the worse dreams though. So now these children are truly haunted by their fears from within their minds. Hope-Smith makes these creatures come to life. The animals have minimal detail but just like these children, your imagination can fill in the moments of terror for you. If this comic somehow circled me with its art, I would really think I was dreaming. I now see why it is so difficult for Winslow to not only jump into his dreams, but to stay knowing it is part of the real world. Dream-Merchant-#5-10.22.14Now it is all up to Winslow to save everyone. The people he trusted have fought so hard for him to come to grips on what he must do. Honestly up until this point I don’t think many readers believed in Winslow. I am not sure I do. He seems weak and unsure. But Winslow doesn’t wait long and dives right into the battle. When we enter this issue, we find out just how horrible The Gatekeepers are. They enslave their victims and turn each ones’ mind into working for them. Now the Gatekeepers sights are set on Earth. The bridge to bring the two together is close at hand. Winslow can see this happening as well as see the victims’ nightmares when he touches them. I don’t know how he will win against an army, but it is the first time that I see some determination in Winslow’s eyes.

Anne held up the FBI last issue to set Winslow free, and now the FBI and every other government official is questioning her about Winslow and the old man. The agencies seem to know more than I first thought. Anne is just giving them BS answers but when Winslow visits her in a dream, it is time to put together a plan to stop the invaders. Anne has always seemed like the warrior unlike Winslow, so it make take both in order to win.

We have just #5 and one issue left before the closing of The Dream Merchant, and most readers are ready to see where this final nightmare will go. I think the issue leading up to the conclusion is always an intense issue with lots of rising action. Issue five for this comic is no exception. We haven’t seen much of the dream world, so capturing that world right away sets up the whole mood for these last two issues.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Nathan Edmondson Artist: Anthony Hope-Smith Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 10/22/14 Format: Mini-Series (5 of 6); Print/Digital