Review: The Fade Out #3

Damn the price for fame is expensive. I truly feel bad for a lot of these characters. They sell their souls in order to become rich and famous. And guess what, it is still like that today. Maybe even worse. If The Fade Out is proving anything to me, it is that putting people in power makes them crazy. They can be assholes, they can get rich, they can ruin people’s lives, and they can get anything, and so on. It is insane, and that is exactly why this comic is so good. It isn’t that fact that it is entertaining as much as it is the truth. The-Fade-Out-#3-11.12.14We follow some new people this month but don’t worry because it is very easy to jump into their story. The main star is girl named Maya. She wants to make it big, just like any girl with blonde hair and some beauty. So with so much competition, Maya has sacrificed a lot in order to reach the top. But the kicker is that Maya isn’t even close to the top. She is still waiting on her big break. After Val’s death though, her character needs replaced for the movie. So Maya and her agent make it a goal to take that spot. You know right away though getting this part won’t have anything to do with talent.

That is where the head of the studio comes in, Thursby. We flashback to his younger days. And he is a womanizer to put it in a polite way. He is a part of some cult that you can discover for yourself when you pick up the comic. Once the cult gets caught by the police, Thursby starts a new studio and nowadays he is head honcho. Everything that he does is for himself and no one else. He can’t seem to forget his cult and only values what he experienced at this time. Sucks for all the female actress trying to make it.

So the two cross paths, but their ending isn’t what you expect thanks to Maya’s agent. Thats what I love about this comic. They can take a creepy weird story and still make it likable. You still root for these characters and hope they figure it out in the end. I don’t know Maya’s place in this comic quite yet, but I would assume that she will have an interesting story as the film is being made. Also Charlie was only in this issue, well physically, for just a moment. It is when he sees Maya, and the look on his face is shock. I don’t know exactly how to take that, but I have a feeling that Charlie likes Maya and vice versa. Maybe in a friendship way or maybe more.

All in all, The Fade Out produced another good issue. The comic can do no wrong. I love switching gears and following others, so I hope this isn’t the last time that we get some background on this interesting cast.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Sean Phillips Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 11/12/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital