Review: The Fade Out #8

There are so many suspects in this story sometimes I feel more lost than Charlie. And he is pretty freaking lost. Every turn there is something different. The players stay the same, but your suspicions grow. But this new suspect is surprising to say the least. Even Charlie doesn’t think it possible, but anything is possible in this town that is why everyone flocks towards it. Things are still heated between Gil and Charlie. I don’t exactly hate that they are fighting, but once again, I think Gil adds some sort of moral to this comic. Which is sad, since he is a drunk. There really just isn’t anyone to trust in this comic. That is what makes it so great too. You really have no idea and you really don’t understand every character fully. But judging from what we do know, Gil is the most honest and hard working. He could easily expose Charlie as a fraud, especially after the fight, but he doesn’t. Part of that is saving his own ass, but I think part of it is loyalty to Charlie. Which brings me to the puzzling question that I have debated over in my mind in every single review; Why does everyone seem to love, or owe, or trust, or whatever in Charlie?

The-Fade-Out-#8Seriously, nobody questions this dude, and someone needs to. I am not saying that Charlie is bad, or that he killed Val. But he doesn’t remember that night and he also sleeping with Maya against better judgement. Oh and he doesn’t even do his own work. None of this seems to bother anyone but me!

So anyway, we learn more of the night Val died. Charlie left with her, as well as, some other people. This leads to Charlie to another suspect but he hasn’t even solved his first suspect. Tina confronts Charlie about it, but only to help him. She doesn’t want Brodsky to find all this out because all hell would break lose. Then in the middle of it all, Maya needs help. I am not exactly sure what her story has to do with anything. Maybe we are just learning about her secrets or more about her life but I feel like it has to be something more. Everything is.

But going back to the beginning of this comic and coming full circle in the end, Gil is at the center of it all. His story is the one to watch out for. I think he may even learn more than Charlie. Charlie gets lost in his ideas or in his career, but Gil is direct.

No matter the approach, The Fade Out is highly addictive. You really just want the mystery to unfold but you don’t mind waiting to read the all chaos in between. You really do just relish in the moment and seeing how everything falls into place. My only thought is that Charlie better be bad! I have given him so much crap and if he ends up having nothing to do with it I’ll be pissed. But then again, he already has something to do with it. Just playing this game in Hollywood is good enough for me.

Score: 4/5

The Fade Out #8 Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Sean Phillips Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 8/5/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital