Review: The Flash 1.09 - The Man In The Yellow Suit

The Flash midseason finale was about 60% unrequited love story, and 40% unsolved man-in-the-yellow-suit mystery. It was a terribly unsatisfying episode, and was just generally boring. Skip this one. Barry finally admits to Iris that he has feelings for her. For what purpose, I don’t know, because all his confession achieved was awkwardness between the two. You can’t blame Iris for only having platonic feelings for Barry, seeing as they grew up together. But maybe this’ll mean less pining from Barry? That’d be a nice change.

Meanwhile, Team Flash gets really close to unmasking the man in the yellow suit, but in the end, they don’t get any closer to solving the mystery. Okay, not true; Barry learns that the other fastest man alive knows him. But that’s not very helpful, and they’re all still at square one. The audience, however, learns that the yellow Flash is actually Dr. Wells; I don’t think anyone is shocked by this, considering he’s been shady from day one.

This episode tried to create a lot of big moments, but it all fell rather flat. Love triangles and unrequited love stories are unimaginative, and the big reveal at the end wasn’t quite so big. This season has been building up the question of who the other Flash is, who killed Barry’s mother, and yet Barry and co. are no where near any answers to their questions.

I’ve been hoping that this show would find its footing and become something interesting, but from start to finish it’s been cliched, overplayed, and unoriginal. It has some good actors and characters with potential, but the action isn’t exciting and the story isn’t engaging. Are people still watching this show?

Score: 2/5

The Flash returns January 20, 2015 on the CW.