Review: The Fox #5

Folks, this is going to be short. I can only brag for so long before I make myself sick. I’ve already had nothing but nice things to say about this series so far, and this issue isn’t really any different. “Freak Magnet” is officially over and the universal crossover between The Fox and The Shield has come full circle. And I’m happy to say that I had the same emotion at the end as I did at the beginning, satisfaction. Those last two pages really put the nail in the coffin for me. There’s just something about a happy ending. Makes you feel all fuzzy. I’d say that J.M. DeMatteis and Dean Haspiel can hang their hats in contentment with this one. I’ve reviewed every issue of this arc, and I’ve loved them all. There were parts of this issue that seemed rather preachy, and kind of came off as flowery propaganda (that sounds worse than I mean it to), but overall this will make a great trade. Wonder what’s next? Plot Outline:

Final battle between four unlikely heroes and The Druid. Can they get over their geographical differences and put this jerk in his place? What do you think?

The Fox #5 CoverThe script was a little wordy for my taste. I think that there is a fine line between just right and too much. I mentioned in another review this week that I love dialogue, but a lot of it just seemed like filler. Ever watch an anime series with four hundred filler episodes? I’m sure you have. It’s exhausting. But aside from that, I thought that the content was extremely relevant. Not as funny as the previous issues though. I noticed that right away.

So Dean Haspiel really outdid himself with the art this time. Dean is a freaking superhero if you ask me. Any panel with The Druid in it was pure magic. I loved the overall look of this issue. Super psychedelic. Of course, digital review PDFs don’t really do the art as much justice as they should, but oh well. I’ll have to pick up the trade.

Overall, I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to review The Fox for the past five months. It has definitely been a fun and trippy ride. I would say that I hope that the series continues to deliver, but I know that it isn’t necessary to say that. I trust these guys.

Score: 4/5

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis Artist: Dean Haspiel Publisher: Archie/Red Circle Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 3/12/14