Review: The Fuse #3

I was already losing interest with last month’s issue but hey sometimes there is one issue in the arch that just drags. And Issue 3 has continued to drag. It no longer feels like this unearthly Sci-Fi comic. If you jump in on this issue for the first time, you would barely notice that Fuse takes places on another planet. It’s not too different than other CSI type plots.  Starting off with this series I had high hopes. I mean it was going to be this out of this world homicidal detective comic and again, it’s just losing its juice.

On Fuse there are these people known as “cablers,” they are despised and ostracized from society. So when our detectives find a cabler shot to death, it doesn’t seem too exciting. But to their dismay, it has lead them on a man hunt for his killer.

Turns out that the cabler actually has some connections in the political arena. He is the big brother of the mayor. It may seem shocking, but it actually came as no surprise.  The mayor seemed like a corrupt politician from the start. Well maybe not corrupt but definitely suspicious.

Fuse03-MCKELVIEVariantThe mayor had kept his brother hidden, not even his wife knew. But there was one man, Curtis that knew about the mayor’s secret. It seemed kind of like blackmail scheme so the way things looks, all fingers point to him as the murder.

Once hunting Curtis down at his apartment, they find that he had shot himself. Maybe there is an untold story that dies with him that may be revealed later in the series.

Overall, I am not too sure where they can go from here. It seems that the detectives are at an end with this case. Also, I’d like more of the Sci-fi elements to come in or more details about Fuse in general. Same thing with the illustrations, I mean they suit the story well but more spacey stuff, please.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Antony Johnston Artist: Justin Greenwood Publisher:  Image comics Price: $3.99 Release date: 4/23/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital