Review: The Great Divide #2

By Kaleb Hebert

Fisher might just be on to something here. It has been a long time since a post-apocalypse style story has peaked my interest like this. The concept of a simple skin on skin touch killing a person and that person becomes part of you is frightening. Who would want to live in a world where any form of bare touching could kill those you love. Though death essentially lurks around every corner, there are still things people can do for fun in this new world, so it isn't all down in the dumps. There are still strippers, and even prostitutes, but this is a highly regulated profession since any skin on skin contact would lead to death for one person.

The main character Paul just so happens to have a rider now (another person dwelling within him), and his world is now forever changed. Reading is becoming more difficult and focusing on any one thing is challenging because now two people are thinking instead of just one. This is essentially what a schizophrenic would experience. He is helping Maria get to Seattle, but it is going to be a dangerous journey. There are lots of crazies in this new world, people who call themselves collectors, gathering more and more riders. On top of the collectors, there are gangs scattered throughout the landscape and they are increasingly dangerous, holding captives and forcing them to fight to the death.

Fisher has created a world that is so earth shattering, that each page you read, you hope that nothing bad happens to Paul. It is interesting that Fisher made Paul take on a rider so early on in the story. It seems rather fast to have something that altering occur to the character, but it is also very cool since now we get to understand what it is like for someone to have a rider. With the never ending fear of death lurking in the background, there is no doubt that this story is going to take a lot of unexpected turns.

Markiewicz does a great job bringing out the gruesomeness of death throughout the pages. He also creates a setting that is vivid and quite scenic. The creative team has truly created something original that leaves the reader wanting more. It would be an injustice to not let yourself enjoy something as riveting and gritty as this story. It is hard to say how this story can get any better, but there is no doubt that Fisher and Markiewicz will give every attempt at giving the reader a heart-pounding adventure that we have thirsted for.

Score: 4/5

The Great Divide #2
Writers: Ben Fisher
Artist: Adam Markiewicz
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment