Review: The Infinite Loop #5

I like The Infinite Loop; I used to love it, but after some time away my love has turned to like. There’s a lot of good in this comic, the drawing style is unique and clean and the characters a drawn wonderfully. It’s a shame there's not more going on in the backgrounds but that would probably confuse the clean aesthetic. The social commentary in this issue is as strong as ever. Sometimes it is implemented well, other times it can feel a bit blunt. This issue implements a young teen anomaly that switches genders at random. This character doesn't like to be defined by one or the other (obviously) and flips out at Ulysses when he asks her questions. I get that he is rooted in old thought processes, so maybe I should have read his tone as more patronising, but to me he just seemed to be asking questions. I get the teens point of not wanting to be identified and put into a group, but how is anyone supposed to understand your situation if you attack them for asking questions?

infiniteLoop05-coverAI was also frustrated by the way Teddy throws him under the bus. Until recently she didn't even know she was a lesbian, but now that she's figured that out she has an air of superiority about all LGBT issues. Ulysses isn't trying to be a dick he's just trying to find out more information.

At least these characters feel real and their emotions seem rooted in reality. I've been in that situation where just trying to understand the situation and talking about it gets you in trouble.

Unlike the two douche-bag characters who don't even seem real. They seem like caricatures that are not very well executed. They are supposed to be grown men and in this issue one soothes the other by offering to get him ice-cream, too which he responds 'pinky swear', urgh! I can't even take their part of the story serious.

I really hope this comic can focus more on the story and less on the agenda as that is when it works best. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story takes us and how Teddy and Ano's relationship evolves over this series.

Score: 3/5

The Infinite Loop #5  Writer: Pierrick Colinet Artist and Colorist: Elsa Charretier Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/19/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital