Review: The Legend of Luther Strode #3

It’s the Legend of Luther Strode #3; which makes it the third book in the most entreating comic book miniseries on the shelves right now. If you disagree with this statement, don’t worry because you’re simply wrong and have no idea what a good comic book time is. It’s not that you’re a bad person by any means; it’s just that you don’t get it. As Binder and Luther continue their epic fight, Binder gains the upper hand. But thanks to Petra and her talent for distracting people Luther gathers himself and gets back into the fight. As the two warriors hurl insults and blows at each other, Binder mixes it up and hits Luther with throwing knives laced with neural toxins. This subdues Luther giving Binder a chance to shine some light on their mysterious and viscous past.

He enlightens Luther about the beginning of their shared power. How in the past just the sheer will of strength of being a proud warrior was enough to reign supreme. But as time and technology advanced their kind became more susceptible to death, as they were not immortal.  A man named Crain took it upon himself to going into hiding to set example to the rest. But the others wouldn’t follow suit and continue to abuse their power. Forcing Cain to send Binder to do just that, bind them or take them out. Thus the reason that Binder is here for Luther.

legendluther03_coverBut before Binder can put Luther down, our hero fights back, sending the smack down outside on the streets. Outside Petra runs into Mikey and with the help of Binder she gets captured. Luther tries everything in his power to save her but is too exhausted from the fight to keep up.

Back at the mansion and realizing that Luther may be a little too much to handle, Binder pulls out the key to plan B. That plan B, a creepy Voldo (Soul Caliber, the legend will never die!) looking dude named Jack, with bags of knives. All Jack has to do is stop the student that is Luther. His reward in doing so is Petra and Jack really likes him some Petra.

This issue really drove me up the wall! For one it continues to be very action oriented, which is always a good thing. Also the combo if Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro continue to be a match made in comic book heaven. But story wise, Justin Jordan has the nerve to pump the breaks, in mid fight mind you and sprinkles in some history and back story concerning all of this wacky power business. I understand that he needs to give the reader a break for the action so they can digest everything but then he adds new characters and builds onto the lore, and all this does is gets my mind racing on other “what ifs” and ideas! Damn it!!

This act is telling me one of two things. One, either he doesn’t have the whole world/universe and the rules flushed out and is just adding things when they pop up in his head OR two; he’s the biggest tease in comic books and has very long plans for Luther and company. My guess is the latter.  I was literally yelling at the book, demanding it to let Binder talk the whole time telling me more and more juicy tidbits of yummy back story. Damn you Mr. Jordan, you got me, you got me hooked.

This book is about as awesome as a comic book can get. But the one thing I want, nay, demand this series to do is to hurry up and finish because as soon as it does that means another volume is on the way and it’s going to be everything I ever wanted to know about the complete universe of Luther Strode.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Tradd Moore Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 2/27/13