Review: The Li'l Depressed Boy #10

I’m not going to try to extract some deep philosophical treatise on colonialism via some esoteric litany of psychological readings and come off sounding like some half-assed grad student looking for things that just aren’t there.  Simply put, this is a basic book with a singular message: you aren’t alone when you feel so out-of-place in this world. Little Depressed Boy (LDB) starts his first day at the movie theater where the shitstorm of life keeps raining down on him in a deluge.  His coworkers snap at him, he blacks out when he has to clean the bathrooms, and he calls in sick to avoid the next day of work.

lildepressedb10_coverThe saving grace for LDB comes in the form of a ticket to see rapper Childish Gambino (Donald Glover from Derrick’s Comedyand Community).  LDB escapes into a dream during one song and envisions himself at a camp where Gambino, a camp counselor, helps him to relate to the world and talk to others.

If your life is perfect and the worst you have to worry about is how your maid cannot cook the damned lobster dinner correctly, this book is NOT for you.  But, if you have felt alone, outside, and abandoned by a world that you try so hard to please but always fail, this book will speak to you like a best friend.

For the sake of this issue the story was about average.  No great plot twists or surprises to threaten the continuity.  Struble does his own thing with this book, and I respect that.  I look forward to reading the next issue, but I hope the story kicks up somehow or I may lose interest.

Score 3/5

Writer/Coloring/Lettering: S. Steven Struble Art: Sina Grace Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 4/25/12