Review: The Locksmith

In 'The Locksmith', a mysterious death seems to provoke a series of further mysterious deaths in the investigating law enforcement department, evidence of a supernatural force at work connected to a secret group who observes silently. Unfortunately, that's all I can really say about the plot of this book because there isn't really that much more to tell.

The-Locksmith-#1-10.17.14This isn't an awful book by any means. The writing is acceptable and professional, and the art is really very good. It's just a very familiar story without a really compelling hook. The writing doesn't have any discernible flavor, very matter of fact, not devoid of creativity just featuring big stretches of an almost clinical approach to a vague story. Something needed to stand in the gap to draw me in, some sort of poetry or perspective to give the world a texture I could step into, but instead my whole read I felt like I was holding the book with steel tongs despite its visible quality. Unlike many of the books I read this one didn't leave me frustrated, it just left me wishing that I could be engaged by it.

As I mentioned, the art is quite good, precisely rendered noir art with the dirty ink that has come to dominate the style recently. The color fluctuates between muted and saturated, giving the book its proper mood and complimenting the linework well. Overall, nothing about how this book looks will feel like it isn't going the distance for your dollar, besides perhaps a couple spots of mildly confusing lettering choices.

Perhaps when this story develops further and we get a few steps into the mystery the book will really take hold, but based on this initial issue I can't say I feel very compelled to follow through myself.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Terrance Grace Artist: Silvio DB Price: $7.00 Print/Digital Combo; $3.00 Digital Website