Review: The Midas Flesh #2

The Midas Flesh is the first title released through the Boom Box line of Boom Studios. Boom Box is a comic line that will allow creators to release original material with no oversight that in theory, will allow writers and artists to enter original areas of creativity that has not been given before. The Midas Flesh is a planned eight issue series by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics and Adventure Time fame. Illustration for the story are rendered by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. Currently,  we are following the story of Joey, Cooper, and Fatima. These two humans and a dinosaur are on a mission to recover something at an ancient planet that resembles Earth, except that the entire surface of said planet is encased in gold. The three are trying to discover the secrets of the golding process with the hopes that their findings might help them to defeat The Federation, an all-powerful empire of destructive baddies.

MidasFlesh_02_rev_Page_1Ryan North writes in a style that is smooth and never rushes. He hits all areas with a polish that is easy to read and follow. In this issue, North balances between our three trying to figure the source of the gold transformation and in the recognition by The Federation of the breach of their security (despite immense precautions) and their determined response to the breach. We also get a little bit of back story of our dino Cooper.

The artwork done by Paroline and Lamb blend nicely with North's story, but it seems to have no idea of what it is yet. As you read, the story feels like a Saturday morning kid's cartoon, but then you see how the subject matter and dialogue is more adult in tone with profanity and more adult subject matter. It simply is strange to me. I must say though that the story is original and is a good fit for what the Boom Box philosophy is all about. It doesn't follow rules. So overall, the story meets that objective.

The other objective that the story meets is that it keeps your attention. Sure, it is a little unconventional, but it is well done and I am interested in seeing where the following issues will go. The possibilities seem limitless at the moment and North offers the reader little teases to what this story might become. We will just have to see.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ryan North Artists: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb Publisher: Boom Box/Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/22/14