Review: The Midas Flesh #8

We have now made it to the ending of The Midas Flesh. This has been a title that really took me by surprise, throwing both good and bad curve balls early on and then finding its grove in later issues.  The momentum build was amazing, and I actually found myself searching for when the next issue would be released as I discovered that I would start to crave this little fairy tale in space from writer Ryan North and featuring the artistic skills of Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. As I read on to the continuing struggle of Joey, Cooper, and Fatima (Fatty) as they attempt to secure the most powerful weapon in the universe in hopes of destroying the evil and tyrannical Federation. I soon discovered that I really had fallen for these characters; all of the characters. From the cutesy dinosaur science officer, to the tough guy who is a girl captain, to a literal slug who served under the Federation, all the way down to a cherubic looking sociopathic  general who is hell bent in destroying everything that he can utilizing this weapon that turns everything  it touches into gold. Each issue built upon the next to make for an incredible reading experience.

That experience is finally over.  And after reading it, I would describe the ending as weird. Weird, but also very appropriate, well written and satisfying.  A brutal and unforgiving ending is set up for the reader and it is still there. But I found something amazing as I read through the pages that made this ending not only brutal and unforgiving, but likewise hopeful and uplifting.  It really is an amazing touch that only a writer of Ryan North’s talent could have pulled off.  Everything ends into a whole different direction than would have been assumed at this issue’s onset.

Within these pages, the entire eight issue arc comes together. We discover the reason of how Midas got the golden touch in the first place.  We see the ramifications of that “gift”. And we see what can be done to stop it before it destroys the entire universe, if in fact there is anything that can be done. This ending, though a little quirky, works and we are left with an wrap up that is both entertaining and completely satisfying. It will leave a warm place in your heart even though you know all that is going on.

Midas_Flesh_008_coverA copy 2On a deeper level, North addresses that ever present character flaw in all things whether it be human, alien, or god. Mistakes occur.  Many of those mistakes have consequences, no matter how well meaning the intentions are of those who do it.  It is a harsh lesson, but at the same time, I think that this ending addresses that though mistakes are made, you can still do things and make decisions that may not change consequences, but will establish oneself and build character. It’s pretty deep stuff here for what essentially is a youthful fairy tale.

And the entire series worked in driving that point home.  From North’s writing to Paroline and  Lamb’s wonderful art that clearly addresses this as not only a fantastic fairy tale, but also as a study in becoming grown and maturing through the course of one’s actions.  Joey, Cooper, and Fatty are all changed through the course of this adventure and it is clearly depicted through the art.

Now that The Midas Flesh is over, I find myself to be a little bit sad.  It’s kind of like finding some movie that you had never heard of and getting completely engrossed in it.  These past eight months, I have been following this story.  It started slowly, but grew on me until I was completely hooked.  Any fan of comics should give this one a try.  Don’t let the kiddie feel early fool you.  You will have missed out on a truly endearing read that will resonate in you for some time to come.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ryan North Artists: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb Publisher: Boom Box/Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 07/23/2014