Review: The New Ghostbusters #4

The Real Ghostbusters (Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon) have returned from the parallel dimension prison.  Last issue Janine faced off against the spectral Viking ancestor in a test of worthiness.  She failed. But don’t fret about poor Janine because she faces no repercussion from that whole plot point.  Instead, the asylum inmate that Kylie had been dealing with becomes the focus.  That wicked little man unleashed a band of spectral monsters on the Real and New Ghostbusters.  The shining, colorful creeps look to kidnap the Real Ghostbusters.  A battle ensues.  Proton packs are fired.

On panel one; we are introduced to the Collectors as a group of four creatures.  Narration reveals that the Collectors take a similar form to the ones they hunt.  In the next panel we see five humans with eyes glowing the same as the Collector counterparts above.  So how did five come from four?  These types of writing gaffes baffle me.

The rest of the issue has an interesting battle between the heroes and villains.  In most comic books, however, subplots arise to garner interest for readers to return for the next issue.  None of that happens in this story.  Everything is so customary and simple that this comic can only be described as forgettable.

GhostbustersNEW_04-pr-1I do enjoy Dan Schoening’s artwork.  The cartoon look adds a unique element to the story.  The coloring also helps with the look of the book because so much of the story has dark backgrounds to add to the eeriness.

But the book still lacks spookiness and fun.  Plodding dialogue has been weaned down since the previous series, but the jokes are still terrible.  Peter explaining that he has a butt like a Greek god made me cringe.  That’s not the smooth Peter Venkman we all love.

I love the Ghostbusters, and I vow to plug this book all I can when the writing improves.  Until then, I will warn everyone to stay away—even though you don’t listen.

Score: 1/5

Writer: Erik Burnham Artist: Dan Schoening Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/22/13