Review: The Program #1

The Program is a spinoff series of the successful independent comic Simian Soldiers created by Mike Harrington. It tells the story of six recruits going through their training in "The Program" that prepares them for service in "Terra Force One", the elite fighting force of this universe. "The Program" is not only supervised training however, but it involves active service as they help protect Gaal City from enemies both foreign and domestic. The trainees have been given an assignment to stop Cyclonus Namura, a power-hungry madman who has stolen Human + technology and plans on using it on Gaal City as payback for his banishment 10 years earlier. Are the recruits ready for the challenge? We will have to see. I really like the writing by Harrington as his vision is well thought out and developed. He gives the six recruits the cocky swagger that is expected of top-notch recruits. You just know they are going to get a rude awakening once they go live against the evil Cyclonus who it appears has rolled the dice and taken a chance with his stolen Human + technology that might not only be too much for the recruits to deal with, but maybe even Cyclonus himself.

The Program #1 CoverWith the art, also done by Harrington, I was a little put off initially as it looks very "cartoony" in its look. But as you read, it begins to blend with the story well. I must give lots of props to the colorist, Aljosa Tomic, as the brightness has really added life to the action being presented.

Harrington's script also flows smoothly from the arrogance of the recruits right up to the preparation of the mission and the assignment of "code names". It all makes for some family friendly Saturday morning cartoon watching entertainment, which the artwork fits into perfectly.

Mike Harrington does everything in this comic with the exception of the coloring. That is no easy task and I give him big credit for him pushing through to make his vision that started with Simian Soldiers a strong continuation effort.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Mike Harrington Publisher: R-Comics Price: $2.99 or $.99 Digital Website