Review: The Returning #4

Jason Starr has put together an intense 4 issue mini-series with The Returning. I don’t think I have read such a short mini-series that had this type of impact with its story. Just reading one issue, pulls in the reader with curiosity. I couldn’t help but want to know what happens at the end. NDEs are interesting enough, but Starr took it to a new level. The first thing that will grab you is the main character. Beth is a spaz. She is gullible but questionable at the same time. She doesn’t know what she wants or who she is. I guess being in her teenage years and now being a changer, Beth is more confused than ever. The readers knows what to do. But with all that said, I don’t get annoyed with Beth’s confusion. I don’t scream or yell, but rather let her decide. I think she is one of those characters that the reader can put themselves in that naive state she is in. You feel bad for her with good reason. She has lost her family and now it seems that Marcus is out of the picture too. The only thing she has is herself and Cory. Although this last issue will have a scene with him too. Knowing Beth’s luck, it isn’t good.

The saddest thing to me is Marcus’ exit. He was an interesting dude. Plus he was some sort of angel. I did find this part a little weird, but there really isn’t another explanation for the changers. God has sent them in order to stop the disorder with bad NDEs. I am glad God didn’t come down and send the message though. The arm tattoo is way more intriguing and still has mystery behind it. As I said Beth is confused about this reason, but so is the reader. Last month, Beth was told she must kill Marco which makes no sense. So now that questions have been answered, there are questions being raised about the future of the changers.

Returning_04_cover copy 2Instead of Marco being the main focus, Beth’s time is surrounding by the old lady and her group of bad changers. These people are vicious and this comic proves that to be so with the blood bath that we see. This issue is the bloodiest we have seen yet. Andrea Mutti holds nothing back. Although I am not a huge a gore fan, the comic needed it with the story going on. In order to show how serious the situation is with the lady, we needed the blood. At this moment, I don’t know how Beth is keeping it together. I think this is really the first time I have seen her change… but I doubt it will be the last.

Beth is trying to end it all with these changers. She is slowly starting to see her mission come to life... or to death rather. The story ends with a chance for the comic to return. I love when comics end alluding to more stories coming out from it. So if the comic actually returns or not, it has that strong appeal for more. The reader already is creating the stories within their mind. The Returning hit us in a strong way, so check this comic out and be prepared for one hell of a story.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jason Starr Artist: Andrea Mutti Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/11/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital