Review: The Saga of Rex

Review by: Connor Russell

Every once in a while you will hopefully come across a comic, or even a movie, game or story that will just make you go wow. Its different and its mind-blowing and it stays with you. You could read or watch or play it over and over again and never get bored with it. You want to show it with as many people as possible. One thing I love about the comic industry today is that there is a force behind non mainstream or just different books. Today I have found one such comic book that matches my little raving on there, and that is: The Saga of Rex!

The Saga of Rex was originally published in the anthology comic book Flight. The run first appeared in Flight Vol2 – Vol7 but has now been collected into a graphic novel. Readers both young and old will be touched by this story of romance, adventure and mystery all wrapped up in a whimsical package.

TSOR_cover_700hgtWe are introduced to the Guardian-Shepherd and all that is explained is that he calls on life forms all around the universe (but only one of each species) and has them transported to the planet he is on. Here each animal is matched up with a bio-morph alien that takes the shape of whatever animal they are matched with to then spark a relationship.

Poor Rex happened to get caught up in all of it but takes to his new partner, Aven (she owns a space ship!) quickly. Even though she can fly and change shape (at one point he rides on her back when she's some giant flying creature). But he gets separated and the rest is Rex trying to find his way back. Fulfilling some prophecy of some of the inhabitants and everything. Much more happens but I don't want to give it away.

Michel Gagne wrote both the story and did the art behind this story. Both are great! There is no dialogue however there is small amounts of narration sprinkled throughout the beginning that gives a little bit of an understanding of what is happening. You will find yourself smiling at just how cute Rex is, it is that well done.

The rest of the story is told by pictures alone. It is like a cartoon, and yet enchanting, I can see it being done as a short animated movie! I wish it would be (sorry back to the art). It portrays innocence and warmth, even through some of the strange parts and events of danger. Even though there is no dialogue, you won't rush through to the end, I found myself intrigued by all the pictures.

Altogether this is one of the cutest and best comics I have ever laid my eyes upon. I don't usually do this but it deserves a perfect score from me. I seriously cannot find any fault with it. I'm so glad I picked this up on a whim and I'm glad Image collected it to share with people. If you want something different to read, let it be this!

Score: 5/5