Review: Savage Dragon #192

After well over twenty plus years of action and heroics, it looks like our Savage Dragon has reached the end of the line. The cover of #192 has him being escorted to his execution. Could it be? Will it be? What will happen to Chicago? His family? The series? Issue #192 puts answers to all of these questions and more. It will undoubtedly usher in a new era of the Dragon once it finishes. No spoilers are here however. You are going to have to check it out for yourself. I will say that all issues appear to be addressed within the pages of #192 and addressed in the Savage Dragon style that has been expected through writer/artist/creator (and Image co-founder) Erik Larsen and his tireless style. Savage Dragon is one of the original Image titles (along with Spawn) and credit goes to Larsen for his compassion and heart that has gone into the series’ creation and in maintaining its longevity. As for me, I never get tired of the colorful and raw “smashmouth” action that has been a trademark of the title for all of these years. That alone is worth the price of admission.

With all of these expectations however as well as the buildup to this issue, I felt that I might have been a little underwhelmed with the outcomes. All the elements are there. The dialogue is fresh and witty. The story is plausible and easy to follow. It’s there, but I don’t know… I just was expecting more for some reason.  I mean the Dragon has spoken with God and has teamed up with, well, everyone throughout the years. Those are some pretty grand accomplishments. Here, in what may be his final go, I was just looking for a little more.

savdrag192_coverStill though, I wasn’t upset with the outcomes. I guess I simply wasn’t blown away with them. But one issue the Dragon does not make and I feel that what outcomes do occur within these pages will open up the Dragon universe to some new unexplored levels now that a path of destiny has been determined.

The art, as always, is superb. I have always been inspired by Larsen’s creation and with the Dragon, he has been one of my personal favorites throughout the years. Everything here is well drawn and the action sequences are solid in their “BAM! POW! BOOM! in your face kind of excitement format. Big plus marks go around in this area.

For any fan of Savage Dragon, I recommend this issue not as the “end all” masterpiece, but more as a “not bad” entertaining comic. It has the Larsen style and brings items into focus that has been blurry recently.

Now if you never have been into Savage Dragon, then Issue #192 might be a good drop off point for you as things will be changing and new challenges/adventures are coming around the bend.  I am excited to see what happens and am looking forward to this next chapter in the extensive history of the Savage Dragon.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Erik Larsen Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/20/2013