Review: The Sixth Gun #37

Have you ever read an issue so fast you were like “it can’t end”? I just did and it’s a good and bad feeling. The good was because it was so good it engrossed you; the bad because I don’t want to wait for more. Give me more I’m ready for the action to continue. Missy Hume attacks Becky in her room. Becky is shocked and horrified, but must fight her off. This makes the search easy but the truth comes out. Missy is actually dead. This is made very clear as a snake pops out from behind her eye. More and more snake start appearing. What encompasses her body is a hoard of snakes with a message from the grey witch. That message is we are coming and they have no chance.

The rest of the crew finds out about Missy’s death when Becky throws the hoard over the rail into the saloon where Drake and everybody else is. Drake wonders who has MIssy’s gun now? But all this is just the beginning of the chaos. The town is being attacked and it’s going to take everything to get out alive. Drake has to uses two of the guns to fight off hoards of the grey witches’ posse. Becky now wonders why she even fired the one she possess because it can bring the beginning of the end. They think they are free and clear but now the second wave that looks never-ending is coming and they need even more supernatural power to stay alive. The thing is the witches’ party isn’t the only posse on the hunt.

The Sixth Gun #37This story moves quickly in a really good way. The action takes over and moves it so well. You really feel the suspense that the end is coming soon. What is made clear is that all hell is breaking loose. I love how it comes across and the setting everything is perfect. Becky is a great strong character in this story. She isn’t afraid of anything and can stand alone. The progression of Drake watching out for her like a father is interesting to see and how it strains Kirby and Drake’s relationship. The art is great and creeps you out with the snakes. There was one part my skin crawled. This issues shines of the feeling of the old west. The colors set mood very well. I felt that hell was actually coming. You could feel the presence of fire and anarchy.

Pick this book up now it’s become one of my favorite. I love the western setting and this story set in it. I know is book two in this arc but you can hop right in and is worth the price on the cover.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Brian Hurtt Publisher: Oni Press Price $3.99 Release Date: 1/15/14