Review: The Sixth Gun #42

There is a mystery and awe surround by the six that keeps me coming back. Not to mention who doesn’t enjoy a good western. This is a perfect blend of mystery, magic and western that revolves around a set of six shooters. The Sixth Gun #42_Page_01The Grey Witch and Jessup possess the six and now they can move on with their plan. They’re greeted with a grand entrance to town. The villagers are offering everything they have to the Grey Witch little do they know they will meet their end soon. Drake and Becky have gone into hiding trying to figure out if this is their end or do they still have a chance to stop the Grey Witch. There is still one piece of the puzzle for the Knights of Solomon.

Jump on now, let me repeat jump on. This is the perfect spot to do this and you can just feel the tension build to finally see things conclude. It really is the heroes’ last effect set up. Evil has its upper hand and there seems like there is no hope. For a set up story with no action it read really well and when I got to the last page I still wanted more. This series has a great way of doing that. The art compliments the story perfectly and one of the reason I love this book too. The use of the colors set the tones and mood perfectly.

This is a great story the blends perfectly with the art. It captures your attention and keeps it. So jump on for the final ride. You won’t be disappointed.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Brian Hurtt Publisher: Oni Press Price $3.99 Release 8/26/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital