Review: The Squidder #2

Squidder #2Sub-Menton3The Squidder rescues the Squid priestess and transports her.  While he does, the two discuss the enhanced soldier’s war career.  After denying the priestess to those who hired him to get her, The Squidder takes her under his protection.  Meanwhile, the Squid collective reveals more about their nature. Templesmith’s artistic style utilizes gritty illustrations awash with a primary color for a panel or group of panels.  While this does bear a unique approach, the images become somewhat difficult to discern after a while.

With a whole post-apocalyptic world to define, Templesmith does a good job at explaining the world of The Squidder.  In addition, the friendship being forged between the priestess and the grizzled soldier creates an interesting dramatic development between the two.  All in all, the writer responsibilities are handled quite well.

The look and concept of the comic, despite being quite unique, offer an interesting read.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Ben Templesmith Publisher: IDW/44Flood Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/6/14 Format: Print/Digital