Review: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #3

Do yourself a favor-- after you finish reading this review, trot off down to your local comic book store and tell the fair man or woman behind the counter that you would like to own a copy of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #3. Why? Because some good-looking guy on the internet said that, “In the future, this book will be looked at as one of the can't miss comic gems. Thus easily a must read for any comic book fan.” Oh and then tell’em you need issue one and two while you're there or three won’t make much sense. As Luther settles in with his new-found greatness, he takes a few design tips from his friend, good ol’ Pete and with a touch of inspiration he becomes a true hero in every sense of the word. Before jumping into his super civic duty by protecting the city and its people, he has a heart to heart with his mother regarding Luther’s recently released father. After a little reassurance of their safety that calms his mother, Luther makes his way to the city’s rooftops.

strangeluther03_coverAfter hours of zero excitement, Luther helps a woman in distress which ends in mediocre results for his first night out thus leaving Luther to call it a night. So to salvage the night, Luther stops by Petra’s place and before their conversation can get started, it’s abruptly ended by her parents.

Meanwhile, the pair of thugs that Luther handled in the convenience store robbery sit and wait hand cuffed in the back of a police paddy wagon. But before the wagon can make it to the station, someone turns it into a murder scene. The next day back at school, Pete shares some new-found info on the murdered thugs with Luther. They finish their talk just before Petra joins the table and is greeted by some unwelcome comments on her "new look." She storms off leaving the boys scratching their heads. Fed up with the people in his life becoming victims of fear, Luther takes things into his own hands and takes things into his own hands.

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is a book that is adored here at Comic Bastards and issue three keeps that spirit alive. It’s not as “action” orientated as the previous issues but that’s the best part. As the reader you get a chance to enjoy a little character development and which is great and that gives the writing its chance to really dig in. Luther, Pete and Petra slowly stop become stereotypes and make the right steps into growing into likable characters that you enjoy reading. That art work and coloring keep their traditional high-standers which as always makes this book a thrill to look at. As a whole, there is something pretty special here with Luther Strode. In an old school comic book kind of way it handles the subject of being a victimized; be it bullying or domestic the book handles it in way that keeps a relatable anchor even though it's just a comic book. When you’re being pushed around in any facet of their life, who doesn't think of want to punch a head or two off?

Score: 4/5

Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Tradd Moore Publisher: Image Comics