Review: The Victories #6

Written by Guest Contributor: Jordan North The Victories is a weird book, and one that I love very dearly. From the totally epic plot to the characters that turn the superhero genre bassackwards, this is a book that simply doesn’t give a fuck. This issue is no different. The Victories rages and roars like you expect it too, tackling a full-fledged genocidal war on heroes or “champions” led by aliens while also balancing the story of D.D Mau world’s most self-indulgent superhero as she leads a quest of redemption back across the city in an attempt to finally make a difference and an arc with anti-hero Faustus and his Schrodinger based companion as they continue fighting crime in a hostile inhabited city…

*Deep inhale.

Victories #6 CoverIf that sounds like a lot that’s because it is, but the real greatness of this book lies in the fact that despite being full of so damn many (cool) ideas, it balances the stuff like a circus ringmaster. Having so much working is a real testament to Mr. Oeming’s writing just as the sketch, cartoony, Gamecube’s PSO-ish artwork is. Nick Filardo does a great job on colors, and the fact the Michael Avon Oeming handles so much on this book is really shown in how congruent and well realized this whole project is--If it feels like the plot and visuals are melding perfectly together here, it’s because it’s all one dude.

The Victories continues to be a must for me each week, it’s a damn good book presenting a lot of damn good ideas damn well.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Michael Avon Oeming Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/6/13