Review: Think Tank #8

Review By: Sergio Porras So many people thought that Think Tank was going to be cancelled after just a few issues and to those people I say, "Ha! and HA!" Eight issues in and already we've gotten more drama, action and twists then a day time soap. Not that I watch soaps, but I think you get my point. Even though the series is based off a world that most of us never get to see and only hear the rumors about what may or may not be true, the creative team have delivered a series that you want to come back to again and again.

Issue eight picks up exactly where issue seven left off. Dr. Loren has just witnessed the murder of Colonel Harrison at the hands of General Clarkson after Harrison was trying to do what was right after the attack that killed an important political figure and his bloodline. After a hearing goes horribly and he is denied the attendance of Colonel Harrison's funeral, Dr. Loren decides to turn on the GPS device that was given to him by Mirra and he decides to plan his next escape in search of her. Little does he know a group of terrorist has kidnapped Mirra before he can get to her and now the US needs him to help them get her back. I don't want to spoil too much for you but it’s one of those, "Son, your country needs you", kind of moments.

thinktank08_coverI'm never going to get over Rahsan Ekedal's black and white style of art. Every panel of every page could tell you the story without having to use dialogue but lucky for us Matt Hawkins provides a story so great that the only art that would be acceptable is Ekadal's. The emotions of the faces in this issue are what stand out the most. This is a very emotional read when you really break it down, Confusion, anger, and fear in the congressional hearing; happiness when Dr. Loren befriends the puppy, curiosity when Loren turns on the GPS to find Mirra. Sadness when Loran is at the cemetery visiting Harrison's grave. Ekadal captures all of those so perfectly.

Do yourself a favor and open up your mind, and pull list, and pick up Think Tank. There about to enter the "Outbreak" story arc which if you look at the trend of the book it’s going to be very hard hitting and a great read. Think Tank is indie comics at its best, storytelling and art alike; you will always get a five star book each and every month.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Matt Hawkins

Artist: Rahsan Ekedal

Publisher: Image Comics and Top Cow

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 6/26/13